History of the Order

As revised by Frodis “Suds” Pshaw, Grand Master of the Order (XXXIII*)

The Crimson Finger was once an arcane symbol used in ancient Atlantian occult SexHurt magick. It is believed to have been used in rituals specifically involving Yetinsyn menstrual blood and human sacrifice. The earliest known records comes from a mandala describing the ritual best translated as “the Sacramenstrual Ritual of Blood Tuesday.” Although it is believed the ritual could be performed any day of the week. These ancient rituals, put into occult practice by the infamous dark priest, Nip'al Pynchi, were rediscovered in the mid 20th century (by Conspiracy reckoning) and brought back into regular practice in Dobbstown, Malaysia by Church of the SubGenius founder, J.R. “Bob” Dobbs.

The Order of the Crimson Finger began in 1991 with the imminent reification of the ‘Confederation of Mental Hellth and Broken Scalpels.' This group, formulated by then-unknown occultists, artists and anarchists, Frodis Pshaw and Phister Gagghōl, whose exploits were soon recorded in various Occult journals around the world - thus setting in motion a chain of events between widely separated individuals who shared a common vision of the ever-elusive ‘SubGenius Gnosis’.

By the mid 1990s, invitations to join The MHBS had been issued to such individuals already privately working in the art of SexHurt, and the structure of The MHBS had begun to cohere into a governing body operated under the leadership of the founders. By 1997, The MHBS had expanded and began their original outreach program, under the leadership of Ch'Umpy deSpy. By 2000, the program had branched into three - The MHBS, The Derision Institute, and Hog Funk International.

By the beginning of 2006, The Derision Institute underwent dramatic shift in it's counsel members, and became the Mutant Uprising Network of Killer Yeti in the House of Yetinsyn Vengence. 

In 2008, Frodis Pshaw became a new Initiate of the Church of the SubGenius, with Phister Gagghōl soon following. And thus began a new phase in the evolution of the Order. In a sweep of restructuring, the Confederation of Mental Hellth and Broken Scalpels was officially renamed to the Order of the Crimson Finger, appropriating the arcane symbol of the Crimson Finger as it's seal.

Though rumored to have been accomplished either through bribery or assassination. In due course, Pshaw assumed the office of Director and proclaimed himself "Grand Master," taking the name of Rev. “Suds” XXXIII* and establishing the full Degree System and Lodge Structure of the O.C.F. The O.C.F. adopted the philosophy corresponding to the Fifteen Faces of Knowledge of the Shi'Iish Qabobala, and opened a new Lodge of the Order, SicNTwysted Productions, which strives to produce multimedia propaganda for both the O.C.F., and the Father church, The Church of the SubGenius. 

With this appointment a new chapter in the History of the Order of the Crimson Finger opened, with a concerted commitment to de-earthing with the current of mutant creativity which had originally inspired J.R.”Bob” Dobbs, over half a century ago.

In early 2013, The O.C.F became part of the organization known as The Committee to Undermine NHGH Toadies (C.U.N.T.), a global network of SubGenius clenches with the common goal to be a thorn in the sides of the agents of the Conspiracy.

In late 2014, Doktor Pastor Phister Gagghōl boarded his escape vessel for his long awaited journey to Planet X. The O.C.F. continues to operate under the directive of Rev. “Suds” XXXIII*, producing high quality bulldada and multimedia propaganda in the name of J.R.Bob Dobbs.

"Though the initiates of the Order of the Crimson Finger do not believe in the absolute existence of the deities which are portrayed in the SubGenius Mythos, they find the ikonography of "Bob's" work to be a useful paradigm for gaining access to deeper, non-rational areas of sub-knowledge. The oneiric origin of the SubGenius stories is of critical importance here, in pointing the way of access to parts of the Yetinsyn mind which are identified with alien and (literally) nameless horrors in "Bob's" teachings. Plus it's a great excuse for fornication and substance abuse."

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