Heirs to the Order

Kaliph EchoBad of the Lower Echelon (XI*)

Save me "Bob" Dobbs
from the impending doom to come
save me "Bob" Dobbs
from the pinkies iron thumb
save me "Bob" Dobbs
from the morons who run the gov
save me "Bob" Dobbs
from the fools who know no love
I know what I must do
to earn your love and guidance
I must pay the ultimate price;
thirty five dollars and no cents.
cause that's how much the world has;
no sense in it (or jobs),
that's why I walk the path I do to be saved by J.R."Bob" Dobbs.

Ju'Kră Pĭt Ju'Kēpĭt (XI*)

Ju’Kră Pĭt Ju’Kēpĭt (XI*) here, or better known as Jukra – heir to the order. I recently found slack from “Bob Dobbs and so far I’m loving it, and you can too! So REPENT! Quit your low paying HELL-HOLE JOB and SLACK OFF, and PRAISE “BOB”!

Come X-Day, Pinks can run, but they cant hide from “Bob’s” invading Xist army. We SubGenii will sit back, prop our feet up on “Bob’s” metaphorical desk, and point and laugh at you pinks getting vaporized. But some Pinks may live, but only to be SubGenius slaves. Some of you though, I may trade “Bob” for his patented “Fart-In’a-Jar!”.

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