A Dobbs Size Clusterfuck

From the archives of the Church of the SubGenius
WCSB 89.3 FM Cleveland The SubGenius Hour of Slack #1305
WREK 91.1 FM Atlanta "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse #821
"This is one of the greatest Hours of Slack you will ever hear, because I did not edit it." 
~ Rev. Ivan Stang.


  • Ivan Stang and Mark Mothersbaugh: SubGenius Commercial soundtrack
  • Channel 4 Dallas - 1980 "Bob" Intro
  • CNN SubG Report
  • Bill T. Miller/King of Slack: X-Day's A-Comin'
  •  Zontar: fake news report from ARISE! video
  • Bob-Barrage
  • Stang in 1981 What's Up America (Showtime)
  • Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger with Bleepo Abernathy, Donna Kossy and Pagan Kennedy: "Ballad of "Bob" Dobbs"
  • Stang preaching somewhere; Mark Mothersbaugh's "Bobacato" in background.
  •  Zontar: fake news report from ARISE! video
  • The El Queso All-Stars - Bob song
  • Rev. Susie the Floozie: Club No devival, Dallas, 1992
  • Rev. Stevie Hambone in 1981 What's Up America (Showtime)
  •  Rev. Ivan Stang preaching -- Smart Club, Cleveland?
  • Paul Mavrides on "Bob" "Indigestible Canape Bob"
  • Dr. Hal: ARISE narration, History of "Bob"
  • The Bob/ARISE cuts (puzzling Evidence edit)
  • Stang at Starwood
  • Dr. Hal at Night of Slack Devival (1984) with added music by Negativland (?)
  • Rev. Orton Nenslo and Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger with Donna Kossy, Pagan Kennedy: "Take Me Off to Space"
  •  Rev. Bleepo Abernathy & Ivan Stang from Book of the SubGenius: SubGenius Intro Barrage
  • Channel 11 Ft. Worth dork interviewing Stang in 1985 or so
  • Pope Sternodox sermon at Club No devival (1992) --?
  • Dr. Hal on Slack from ARISE! (script by Stang)
  •  Rev. Norel Pref: "Pinkbelly"
  •  CNN report/ Pope David N. Meyer at 1984 Night of Slack, "First Real Americans"
  • Stang preach at Starwood/somenews report
  • The Great Groovy Neptune "Crazy About "Bob"
  • Stang at 6X-day/Stang old 1980s NPR interview with Velveteen Sly musiic background
  • Dr. Hal with music by DK Jones from ARISE
  • Lonesome Cowboy Dave's band at Cleveland Devival: "SubGenius Anthem"
  • Stang preaching "BY HIS STRIPES YOU ARE HERE" - Club No?
  • Susie the Floozie at Club No devival, Dallas, 1992 (?)
  • Sister Melodious Chops w/ Wei and M.A. Tummonds (aka Victoria Ganger & Revelry): "My Wallet Belongs to "Bob" (live at Cleveland Smart Bar devival (?))
  •  Collage: Stang, Lemur, Puzzling Evidence, stupid British show, Stang on Book of the SubG promo flexidisc, Pope David Meyer at NYC devival 1983, M.I.T. computer lab expert M. Travers from ARISE!/ Stang at Starwood/ Puzzling Evidence collage
  • Munky Hyv:  Kick Ass "Bob" Song
  • Priestess Pisces "Uberfemme" rant with Munky Hyv, Live at X-Day Drill 2000-something
  • Lemur or Norel Pref : Secret of X-Day collage
  • The El Queso All-Stars: "Planet X or Bust"
  •  Stang rant at Starwood
  • ARISE outro
  • X-Day moments: Jesus Devilacqua; Paster Craig Roll after his collarbone was broken in the blood wrestling.

All remixed and recollaged by the great Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw

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