The official texts of the O.C.F. was painstakingly translated, arranged and formatted from the many notes, essays, rants, sermons, lyrics, scribblings and mental masturbations by the founder and Grand Master of the Order of the Crimson Finger, Frodis “Suds” Pshaw (XXXIII*). And to a lesser extent, those by the Order Director (XXIII*), Phister Gagghōl.  Originally written beginning in early 2008 through to present, with constant updates as deemed suitable by the Committee to Undermine NHGH Toadies (C.U.N.T), in association with the Assembly of the Flaming Carpet (A.o.t.F.C.), and the Apocalypsholic Welfare Conference, Inc. Demonstrations in Audiophilic Mixology and Media Assaults were designed at the Dobbsian Mentalodge for Sanctimonious Conditioning. Prescriptural Verses adapted from the Book of the SubGeniusᵗᵐRevelation Xᵗᵐ, and the Bobliographonᵗᵐ released through the SubGenius Foundation, Inc. © Douglass St. Clair Smith. Prayers, Hymn and Rituals were formulated by the Confraternity of Mutant Uprising Network of Killer Yeti in the House of Yetinsyn Vengeance (MUNKY HYV). All artwork are Copyright of their respective creators. The portrait of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and 'SubGenius' are trademarks of the SubGenius Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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